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Globalogix helps customers to reduce the overall cost needed to stream multiple wireless technologies, making it cheaper over IP-based connections while increasing the overall capacity for more secure networks. Learn More
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Globogix Symphony

Organic Project Management

Globalogix Symphony™ is a real time, organic project leadership tool that empowers you to manage all your projects in one place. Planning is a critical core to every project being successful. Globlogix makes planning and leading your projects easier than ever before. Quickly see which team members are available to be assigned to a task according to their scheduled workload and job role and coordinate in realtime the status of the project as it happens.

Symphony allows you to add and edit tasks in ways that are easy and intuitively from any device (computer, SMS, etc) -like task alerts to the powerful project stream , Symphony helps your company collaborate in real-time with all participants within the project from coordinating logistics of a deliverable to inter/intra organizational bodies through our resource matrix tool. The Resource matrix tool lets you see in a calendar where your team is over or under utilized and where each team member is allocated.

Organic Reports & Dashboards

Globalogix Symphony’s dashboards and organic reports enable real-time project visibility, empowering you with important insights to understand status, resolve concerns, and complete projects.

With unlimited customizable and configurable organic reports, Globalogix Symphony provides executives, managers, and project teams with the information they need to make both strategic and tactical decisions to maximize productivity and decrease OpEx.

Globalogix Symphony provides unmatched real-time reporting capabilities built into the tool and Symphony organic reports are updated in real-time when team members update status, helping you understand the organic and holistic dialogue.

Resource Management

Globalogix Symphony enables managers to direct team members into deliverable assets to better understand holistic workload capacity. Team leaders can see where each resource are over- or under-utilized, and project organic tactical scenarios around a resource matrix to ensure that you are utilizing the full effectiveness of your project and each team member.

In addition Globalogix Symphony provides 360 Capacity Planning which allows you see the impact of the evolving nature from the realtime changes to your current plan or project. With best-fit capacity planning, Symphony sorts the projects by priority and finds the earliest start date for each project resource with the least amount overages within the specified date range, resource or team member.

This allows you to quickly assess which resource or team member are available to be assigned to a task according to their scheduled workload and job role an where they are within the tactical implementation scope of the project. The realtime data exchange allows you to review all team members with the same role and evaluate substitutions to optimize your utilization.

Team Collaboration

Globalogix Symphony empowers teams, increasing their acceptance of, and participation in, the project management process. With Symphony, front-line conversational information and commitments flow upward, enabling greater accuracy in projections and more informed decision making.

Quickly see which team members are available to be assigned to a task according to their scheduled workload and job role. Review all team members with the same role and evaluate substitutions to optimize your utilization and realtime sharing and collaboration of project related documents.

Documents in any format can be uploaded to projects, tasks, issues and users in Globalogix Symphony and pushed out in realtime to the appropriate resource so that there is never a lag time. Version control and check-in/check-out makes collaboration easy and effective.

Globalogix Symphony’s organic streaming platform gets your team more involved in your plans and committed to project success. Frequent and more descriptive updates deliver greater visibility and a richer understanding of the real story by utilizing all forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer, etc) and synergizing them all into the organic narrative

Personal Calendars and Time Management

Globalogix integrates realtime collaboration between personal calendars and time management. Easily track holidays, sick days and vacation so you can see how days off affect the available resources on the team.

Globalogix empowers you to track time usage and expenses and view hours by hour type, project, task, issue, vendor, logistics or object. By identifying costs and revenues for each line item, Globalogix helps you drill down to view/edit the notes associated with the items and proprigate the changes to the appropriate resources.

Globalogix Symphony has a built-in timesheet management portal, which allows you to create and manage timesheets for anyone on your team. Timesheets are designed to capture hours for project, tasks, and issues. This will allow team members to complete tasks, add notes, make changes, and log time. Globalogix's intuitive design and functionality allows team members to log time in the same screen that they update status.

Language Neutral

With Globalogix Symphony, your team can be spread our around the world and you’ll still be able to get work done quickly and efficiently. Globalogix Symphony lets you work in English, Pусский, עברית , العربية, ქართული, Português, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, 日本語, and 中文. हिन्दी will be coming in 2012.

Location Neutral

Globalogix Symphony automatically adjusts dates and times in your project schedules for your particular time zone. If you’re managing a project that spans multiple locations and time zones, Globalogix Symphony makes the logistics so simple you never have to think about them.
Universal Compatibility

Globalogix Symphony is an IT friendly solution to manage all company projects, resources, and processes with world-class efficiency. Globalogix Symphony is browser independent and works on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and even on your favorite mobile device helping teams get work done everywhere. Globalogix Symphony is browser and platform independent, so it can be used with any system – even on the iPhone or your favorite mobile device.

Auditing and Governance

Providing a central repository for all project information enables Globalogix Symphony to seamlessly create an audit trail to authenticate compliance with corporate standards. Integrating cross-departmental collaboration, visibility, and compliance eliminates the need for disparate, department-specific software, email, or other patchwork approaches. Costs can be assigned to job roles. So, when it comes time to audit labor costs or review the hourly billable rate for your organization, Globalogix Symphony provides all the info required.

Portfolio Management and Visibility

Globalogix Symphony’s approach to portfolio management, with Conductor, gives executives and managers all the tools they need to get the most out of their company’s resources—helping organizations zero in on those projects that provide the most value. Conductor in Globalogix Symphony includes all the information you need to make sure potential and current projects align with corporate strategy and financial goals. Symphony gives steering committees tools they need to prioritize, optimize and align portfolios with strategic and financial goals, improving investment accuracy and alignment.

Globalogix Symphony organic reports and dashboards provide real-time status of your portfolios, increasing visibility that equates into increased efficiency. The right workflow improves communication, direction, and proficiency. Globalogix Symphony enables companies to integrate their existing workflows within the solution, creating seamless, automatic alert notifications to recipients of a pending request or other relevant communication to the appropriate people.

Product Integration

Globalogix Symphony integrates seamlessly with all business-critical applications empowering managers with all the information they need to make informed and accurate decisions. Globalogix Symphony comes with turnkey integrations for Microsoft Outlook. Globalogix Symphony makes it possible to seamlessly integrate with all your business critical applications, giving you access to information from other applications right inside of Globalogix Symphony.

This makes Globalogix Symphony your portal for getting work done. Globalogix is powered with Full Email Integration. Symphony ForteMail integration allows Outlook, Evolution, Lotus Notes or whatever mail platform you use the ability to track and update their tasks and issues using the ForteMail to do list and appointment calendar, while simultaneously synchronizing Globalogix Symphony user accounts.

Help Desk & Issue Tracking

Globalogix Symphony’s integrated help desk enables organizations to track every issue submitted from initiation to resolution. Managers can easily establish directional channels where help desk users can submit issues and receive automatic status updates. Globalogix Symphony allows managers to monitor progress on Help Desk Issues from the moment they are requested until completion.

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