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Add Revenue to your Hotel, RV Park or Resort.

By adding high-speed wireless internet access in your business, this will give you the increased potential to generate additional sources of revenue and a greater competitive advantage over your competitors. Learn More
Quantum Security Solutions

To be able to compete efficiently it will be critical for businesses to a move to a security solution that can provide quantum threat analysis into all operational areas and treat them as a unified security challenge. Learn More
Reducing Wireless Providers Overhead

Globalogix helps customers to reduce the overall cost needed to stream multiple wireless technologies, making it cheaper over IP-based connections while increasing the overall capacity for more secure networks. Learn More
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Web Design

Web and UI Design and Development: Helix RNA (Rich Network Applications)

In today’s world, an engaging website is the front lobby of your business. Customers use the Internet more as their first source of contact with a business and that company's website must grab them with the “WOW” factor along with information and navigation being place intuitive for that user and customer base. Your website is literally an extension of the business owner as it is being used to relay your ideas, goals, products and services directly.

Globalix provides custom designs solutions for your company offering a modern, innovative, affordable web 2.0 solutions both for non-profits and companies. We design engaging and impacting sites, implement the necessary functionality, integrate your site with a intuitive Content Manager on the back end, so you can add forums, blogs, galleries, and whatever your business need is.

We approach each project in an organic way to offer the best value and user experience for each of our customers. No matter what the complexity of your project entails, our experienced team will provide you with a online solution that will excel you beyond your competitors.

Globalogix also provides you with custom development and programming solutions, tailored specifically for your online needs. We specialize in developing your web applications, client side (Ajax, JavaScript, Flash) and server side (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) coding, E-commerce development, modification and development of the existing scripts, web applications and software according to individual needs. Globalogix provides you professional advice on how to develop your site to be more profitable and more accessible.

Whether it's a new website, or an attractive, functional user interface for your blog, forum, e-commerce, or any other custom web application; we provide you with the best-in-class quality web 2.0 functionality, programming, and compelling interactivity. We analyze and design the most efficient and affordable solutions for you.

Rich Network Application (RNA) Development

We specialize in Rich Network Application (RNA) Development which offers a far more engaging user experience, increased productivity, rich and compelling visual experience are just some advantages to RNA development services provided by Globalogix.

Helix RNA Development offers significantly faster deployment, security and compatibility compared to the traditional static HTML based internet applications due to the overall enhanced user experience. Since RNAs run in a web browser so they do not require software installation, this improves user satisfaction and increases productivity while offering a rich and engaging viewing experience.

Our highly talented team designs the Rich Network Applications so that they run in any browser, on any platform and that they ore designed with similar features and functions that most are accustomed to on their desktop. Globalogix is fully committed to provide the highest quality in web design/development services and innovative solutions for any project.

User Experience

Globalogix believes that the User Experience(UX) is Strategic. If this is not actualized early on UI/UX will be sacrificed for on-the-fly functionality which meets deadline but falls short of user expectations. At times our role is unclear to many key decision makers, but shrinking profit margins lead to closer analysis of UI/UX and how it dramatically impacts costs.

Our UX strategy defines who your customers are, what motivates them, what are their triggers and what they really need. Working with Content Experience(CX) experts and with stakeholders within your organization, we empower your business with the fundamental objectives of the holistic initiative. This equates into accurate requirements for CX and UX that support your business and are customized to your users needs.

Truly UX becomes a differentiating factor in any market. The latest and greatest technologies become stagnate and competitors develop comparable or more innovative offerings over time. Effective UX strategies lower costs and reduce risks. High quality design specifications improve project planning which allows management to accurately determine value of end product and the effectiveness of the messaging and usability to the target audience.

When we move to design - checking back with users is fundamental through usability testing and stakeholder reviews. This testing can include reviews of the proposed structure of the solution and the creative treatments. This review process helps to keep development costs down by catching any design issues early in the cycle. Through the development lifecycle, we create the designs that's been thoroughly vetted by users and decision makers to build your customized solution.

We Are Flexible

If your in-house team wants to be part of the process, so that you can maintain it over the long-haul, we encourage this relationship and can work with you to make it happen. Bottom line nobody knows your business better than you but if you would like us to build it and maintain it, we are flexible to your needs. We look forward to working with you to show you our expertise and flexibility.

Globalogix provides you a professional consultation on ways to improve and enhance your online impact as well as increase your visibility through our search engine optimization and search engine marketing services. We will always make sure we meet your needs before the order process, by sending out our proprietary AIO questionnaire to ensure complete accuracy in delivering what you want. This ensures the guarantee that you will receive 100% best-in-class service from us.

Additionally Globalogix also provides hosting, maintenance and website support services. Speak with a representative today to learn more.

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