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Non-profit Applications

Globalogix's Accessworx™ Neighborhood

Globalogix provides Accessworx™ Neighborhood an easy to use web-based tool that helps integrate people into the community of their civic group, local congregation, or non-profit organization.

Our web-based application suite includes a full-featured member management system, private community and public portal. Because Accessworx™ Neighborhood is web based, all you will need is an Internet connection and your favorite web browser. Our application allows your staff, management and members to effortlessly collaborate by giving them tools they can use from their home, on the go or from their office.    

What's in the Neighborhood

Globalogix's Accessworx™ Neighborhood is a Web Application Suite provides congregations or non-profit entities with the tools necessary to better serve its members. Not only is Accessworx™ Neighborhood a full-featured member management system where administrators and staff store and maintain membership data, but it is also a hub where members interact, encourage each another, download important materials, collaborate events and communicate. Current modules within the Accessworx™ Neighborhood application are:

  • Team Tracker - Build and track team specific communities.
  • Events Scheduler - Register, schedule, and invite individuals to team events.
  • Attendance Watch - Track and report attendance to scheduled events or meetings.
  • Team Talk - Discuss a wide variety of issues among team members and communities.
  • Team Publish - Publish community specific articles with images that can also be sent out as a e-mail newsletter
  • Donations - Track giving, pledges, print statements, and allow online giving.
  • Task Track - Innovative task system designed specifically for non-profit and congregational needs.
  • Member Assessment - Match skills and gifts with service opportunities and get people plugged in.
  • Email Accounts - Up to 30 email accounts included, more can be added in blocks of 10
  • Portal and Intranet - Integrated public web site and login based intranet
  • Admin Control Panel - Control customized data, access and site appearance   

Accessworx™ Neighborhood provides the management functionality to store common nonprofit contact data (individuals, organizations, and households) that support contribution management, case management, voter, and advocacy applications and understand the relationships between any two contacts with standard (volunteer, employer, head of household) relationships or create your own unique custom relationship types.

Accessworx™ Neighborhood is powered with Helix Core integration, access to certain groups of contacts can be limited to specific users, offering a way for volunteers to manage small portions of a larger  database.

This makes it highly manageable allowing you to configure the web based application to work with your existing business processes. This will include, unlimited locations, addresses, phone numbers, emails and custom data fields, furthermore will  allow the most unique needs to be met.

Accessworx™ Neighborhood empowers you to create unlimited custom data fields in virtually any format, including radio buttons, drop-down menus, etc. All custom fields are searchable and can define a smart group as well as centrally store data across multiple organizations or web sites.

Accessworx™ Neighborhood can be integrated with both Drupal and Joomla/Mambo cores. Web site registrations automatically become Accessworx™ Neighborhood records and individuals can maintain their own CRM record. This helps the user Import existing data intelligently and maps the fields of imported data and checks for duplicates based on user-defined criteria.

Accessworx™ Neighborhood offers you the ability to create intelligent groups based on any search criteria or create standard groups that are simply lists of contacts. The membership of a group changes automatically according to that moment’s search results and makes it easy to segment Use groups, simple and searchable tags, and/or relationships to segment constituents.

Technical Support

Without a proper understanding of how to use it correctly, any tool may seem unintuitive at first and fail to operate at its full potential. Our Answer Center is designed to provide help right in the section you are in. If you have a questions simply click on the Answer Center icon next to any section or module within the application and it takes you to all of the content related to that topic. If you are unable to find the answers to your question through our Answer Center, we also offer email support to your questions. A caring support representative will respond to your request no later than 24 hours.

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