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Add Revenue to your Hotel, RV Park or Resort.

By adding high-speed wireless internet access in your business, this will give you the increased potential to generate additional sources of revenue and a greater competitive advantage over your competitors. Learn More
Quantum Security Solutions

To be able to compete efficiently it will be critical for businesses to a move to a security solution that can provide quantum threat analysis into all operational areas and treat them as a unified security challenge. Learn More
Reducing Wireless Providers Overhead

Globalogix helps customers to reduce the overall cost needed to stream multiple wireless technologies, making it cheaper over IP-based connections while increasing the overall capacity for more secure networks. Learn More
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  • Information Security
  • Backhaul Solutions

IT Development

IT Development: Helix DNA BuildingBlox

Globalogix ensure that you save time and resources and invest them where the most immediate attention is required. We analyze the requirements of your business and weighs it against your business environment to develop business platforms and on-the-fly customization. Our goal is to match your needs with the best solutions.

Our expertise, combined with our knowledge of current and emerging technologies has earned us a trusted voice when it comes to solutions that will benefit our customers. Our solid skills and deep experience in building solutions of various level of complexity in Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management, Collaboration Management and other markets allows us to provide our customers with the best innovative solutions.

If you’re looking for a long-term reliable partner to realize new innovative ideas that will provide your customers the needed value that will differentiate your business in an evolving competitive environment, Globalogix is the right solution for you. We offer:

Distributive Network Applications

  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Enterprise Mash-ups
  • Composite Applications
  • Wiki Portals
  • Corporate Intranets
  • e-Commerce Systems
  • WBT Systems
  • CRM, ERP Applications
  • Software as a Service Applications

Dynamic N-Tier Applications

  • Project Management Software
  • Document Management Systems
  • Customized Reporting Tools
  • EMR/PM Systems
  • Warehouses/Production Management
  • Reseller Management Development
  • Billing / Invoicing Solutions
  • Customized Business Applications
  • RFID Tracking Systems

 Heix DNA BuildingBlox ATGC Development Lifecycle

Globalogix uses Heix BuildingBlox a proprietary ATGC Development lifecycle methodology that initiates SWOT analysis at regular stages in the development cycle. Heix BuildingBlox utilizes deliberate iterative SWOT analysis, which eliminates failure, minimizes risk and waste and decreases both time to deploy and production overhead.

Heix BuildingBlox emphasizes iterative SWOT analysis, which engages the customer in the ATGC Development process. Once a risk or weakness has been identified, it can be corrected early on instead near the Q & A. Our team of professionals are trained and skilled at actively looking for possible risks and weaknesses, and analyze it accurately implementing Heix BuildingBlox methodology to ensure total success ahead of schedule.

The steps in Heix DNA BuildingBlox process are as follows:

  1. The system requirements are defined in as much detail as possible. This usually involves interviewing a number of users representing all the external or internal users and other aspects of the existing system.
  2. A preliminary design is created for the new system. This phase is the most important part of BuildingBlox. In this phase all possible and available alternatives, which can help in developing a cost effective project are analyzed and strategies to use them are decided. This phase has been added specially in order to identify and resolve all the possible weaknesses and risks in the project lifecycle. If weaknesses and risks indicate any kind of uncertainty in requirements, prototyping may be used to proceed with the available data and find out possible solution in order to deal with the potential changes in the requirements.
  3. A first prototype of the new system is constructed from the preliminary design. This is usually a scaled-down system, and represents an approximation of the characteristics of the final product.
  4. A second prototype is evolved by a fourfold procedure:
    • Evaluating the first prototype in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, and risks;
    • Defining the requirements of the second prototype;
    • Planning and designing the second prototype;
    • Constructing and testing the second prototype.

We have always fostered a culture of innovation at Globalogix. The team is extremely passionate about developing solutions which are best in the world and have enough skills and drive required to help them reach their goals. So, when it comes to being a partner to your IT application development initiative, we are your best choice.

Contact us to help take your business to the next level and thus benefit from the latest trends in IT development.

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